New features on central and subsites

by Amanda French Categories: Administrative

Hastily, as I prepare for our very own THATCamp CHNM, I wanted to bring our attention to some great new features we rolled out today, thanks to developer Boone Gorges.

  • Participad (actually rolled out several days ago) has been enabled so that THATCampers can take notes collaboratively right in the WordPress interface without having to use Google Docs.
  • There’s a new THATCamps Directory that’ll let you find THATCamps by region and/or date and will let you search for THATCamps by name.
  • The home page of now displays the start date, end date, and location of upcoming THATCamps.
  • You can subscribe to a feed of New THATCamps by RSS or by email via the buttons on the home page of
  • All THATCamp sites allow users to befriend one another.
  • All THATCamp sites allow users to favorite blog posts. Visitors can see how many favorites a post has received, site administrators can see a list of the most-favorited posts on their THATCamp site, and network administrators can see a list of the most-favorited posts on all THATCamp sites on This is a feature that’ll help us immensely as we finally get ready to produce the long-awaited Proceedings of THATCamp.
  • The THATCamp Registration form that lets people sign up to go to a THATCamp now has options for “Days Attending” and for “T-shirt Size” to help organizers plan.

Very soon, we’ll also enable an automatic THATCamp Registry that will automatically create a website for people who say, Hey, yeah, I want to organize a THATCamp! No more waiting for the sluggish THATCamp Coordinator to do it for you manually. We’ll be writing some help documentation for these features soon and will be fine-tuning how they work — send comments and suggestions to me at . Though I won’t promise to answer until next week. 🙂


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