Run through the checklist

When the Major Home Oil Dealer . . .

In brief

Here’s a handy (we hope) checklist of things you’ll need for your THATCamp. Run through it a couple of days before you start so you can make sure you have everything.

THATCamp Checklist (PDF)

THATCamp Checklist


Someone to post signs

Signs directing people to parking, to buildings, to rooms

Signs with wi-fi login information

Someone to run the check-in / registration table

Table and chairs for check-in

Name badges

Swag (t-shirts or other)

Brochures / stickers / information


Someone on call for tech support

Power strips

Extension cords

Digital projectors

Screens for the projectors

User accounts and passwords for computers, website, or wi-fi



Someone to make introductory remarks and run the scheduling session

Someone to fill in the schedule and publish it to the website

A blank schedule on the website with time slots and rooms

Printouts of session proposals

Tape for taping up session proposals

Stickers to give to participants for voting on printouts session proposals

OPTIONAL DEPENDING ON METHOD: whiteboard, large easel paper, dry erase markers, regular markers, post-its, other supplies

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