Record your experience

In brief

Blog, tweet, take pictures, take video, and share it all, please — somewhere, anywhere. The tag “thatcamp” can be used to tag media on third-party websites, and some THATCamps also choose to use their own separate tag.


Every THATCamp website built with WordPress (which so far is all of them) has a blog; these blogs serve as a sort of an intimate and functional conference proceedings, so it’s very useful to post summaries of individual sessions or even results of the whole schmear. Plenty of THATCampers also write reactions on their own blogs.


There’s already a mammoth amount of tweetage tagged with the #thatcamp hashtag; we think the Twitter archive is bound to be a useful document for analysis.


You camera jockeys can tag your Flickr pictures with “thatcamp” to create a visual record for the ages; we here at would appreciate it if you’d consider licensing your pictures with a Creative Commons license so that we can use the pictures on this site. You can also join the THATCamp Flickr group to add your pictures to the ever-larger THATCamp Flickr pool.

Many people also post THATCamp pictures to Twitter picture services such as YFrog and TwitPic; note that TwitPic is a bit less useful because it does not allow photos to be tagged or searched.


If you take a video of your session, you can post it to YouTube or Vimeo and tag it “thatcamp.”

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