Passwords reset on after malware infection

by Amanda French Categories: Administrative

As you may know, last weekend all sites on went down after being infected with malware. Turns out that an old theme used on a couple of archived THATCamp sites included the “TimThumb” script (thumb.php), which is vulnerable to a well-known hacker exploit. Read more about it at

Because that hack might possibly have given some unsavory people access to login information, we’ve had to reset everyone’s password on To get a new password, go to this URL:

Put in your username or email address and click the “Get a New Password” button. You will then receive an email with a URL to click on that will open a form where you can type in a new password.

So sorry for the inconvenience, but we do want to make sure that the network of THATCamp websites remains safe. Email if you have any trouble logging in.

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