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    Amanda French

    * Report on site theme issues
    * Kickstart a fund to pay Boone Gorges & Tammie Lister & maybe Jeremy Boggs to troubleshoot?
    * Reports from other THATCamps
    * Other business?

    Micah Vandegrift

    Minutes from the meeting

    THAT CAMP Council Call, 8/10/15

    Amanda, Patrick, Micah, Tim, Kathryn, Anastasia

    1. Updates on website
    Theme on Main Site buggy that causes memory buffer to overload.
    Tim @ Reclaim do some updates Thursday this week
    if it messes up Amanda will ask Boone and Tammy (theme designer) to look into it
    Might be problem with theme and buddypress

    Patrick: Boone has used IndieGoGo to raise funds if necessary

    2. Patrick – THATCamp Prime
    People don’t quick know the relationships between THATCamp, Prime, Council, etc.
    Reflection and ideas about what TC+ could be

    Tim – TC+ supposed to be focused on advanced DH topics?
    Patrick – perhaps could be clearer on that point, or offer tracks to advanced and newcomers
    Amanda – TC all around an Intro to DH
    Anastasia – % of advanced vs. new?
    Kathryn – discussion of how its changed
    Amanda – CLIR called it iconic
    Patrick – the model of unconference to learn stuff is happening more and more, and regional groups popping up (ex Code4Lib)

    3. Themed issue of THATCamp Proceedings
    Micah – pitched it to DH+Lib, 1 response, will try again early/mid sept

    4. Schedule next meeting
    only 6-8 camps scheduled for this fall
    Amanda will check in to see if they’re still planning
    Council Plan to meet in Dec to review –
    Mon Dec 7th, 8am

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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