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    Patrick Murray-John

    Wed. Sept 17 11AM via Skype.

    Any additional topics or clarification, please leave a comment

    Anti-Harassment Policy
    * language
    * when to add to ask THATCamps to follow it
    * vote!

    * Issue 2 released
    * Documentation? domain
    * redirecting, but oddly server work

    Reports from THATCamps

    Micah Vandegrift

    Annnnnd the notes:

    THATCamp Council Meeting 9/17/14 11:00am
    Attendees: Patrick, Micah, Amanda, Frederic, Anastasia, Jeff

    Anti-Harassment Policy
    Look good? Unsafe changed to “Unsafe or uninclusive.”
    THATCamp Philly already utilizing
    Anti-Harassment Policy passed by Council
    When do we add to checklist of items for THATCamp Organizers?
    Add to Registry page –
    New Camps must agree to this, current planned camps will be asked to adopt it.

    Issue 2 released in July 1, 2014
    Special issues? Focused on topics?
    Micah proposed a DH+Lib connection
    Documentation – Amanda will work on
    Publicity push might generate new interest
    How can Proceedings be better utilized?
    Topic modeling?
    Micah will reach out to DH+Lib and see if there is interest in Special Issue Editorship for Curating the Proceedings. Deadline Jan 1st.
    Filter through “uncategorized” category.
    Patrick will ask Jon Voss about LODLAM Special Issue
    Amanda suggests – aggregate and automate this publication domain
    Ammon Shepherd – moved to Scholars Lab
    Roberto Sanchez took over SysAdmin duties
    We own, but redirecting weirdly.
    Issues with Apache? server work ongoing

    Reports from THATCamps
    New one in Paris in June
    Frederic will try to go to Lyon
    Amanda will be at THATCamp CAA (College Art Assoc)
    Patrick – THATCamp SAA (archivists) Space issues, only one room
    Micah – THATCamp ACRL same space issue last year

    Amanda suggested the need to think about EOL of THATCamp, a few years out.
    Anastasia – might be last 1 or 2 THATCamp Games. Travel funding always an issue.

    Jeff – Do we have data about #’s over time? Attendees, Camps, etc.
    Amanda – some of that was in the Mellon reporting
    Patrick – will look into what data we could get

    Next meeting
    Nov 18th 3pm.

    Amanda French

    I’ve made a page for the anti-harassment policy at and have linked to that from the THATCamp Registry form at Still musing on how best to incorporate it (and the Proceedings) into new THATCamp sites, but will figure that out soon.

    Amanda French

    I meant to mention, too, that I’ll publish a blog post about the new policy, as well.

    Patrick Murray-John

    Thanks, Amanda! I should have thought of that step!

    Patrick Murray-John

    As always, many thanks for the helpful and excellent notes, Micah! They do so much to keep us on track!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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