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    Lisa Spiro
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    One of the people attending the THATCamp that I am hosting in a little less than a week is running into trouble resetting her password. She gets a message saying “Your password reset link appears to be invalid” when she tries (including using How should I handle this problem?

    Thanks for any help,


    Amanda French

    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear it! I tried resetting my own password and couldn’t reproduce the problem. If you give me the user’s name and email address, I’ll look into it. Worst comes to worst, I can manually reset it for them. You can email the info to chair at thatcamp dot org.

    Na zdravie,


    Amanda French

    I manually reset the user in question’s password, so that part of the issue is resolved. This problem apparently only exists for email addresses; I was able to reproduce it with an icloud email address. I thought perhaps that icloud might have been blocked as a spammer in the way yahoo email addresses are, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, and the address can receive emails just fine (including password reset emails) from the THATCamp system — apparently it’s only password reset tokens that don’t work.

    If any other users encounter this issue, please either use a different email account with your THATCamp user account or else write chair at thatcamp dot org to have your password manually reset. Pardon!

    Amanda French

    Addendum: if any other users do encounter this problem, pasting the password reset link into Internet Explorer on a Windows machine might do the trick: neither Chrome nor Firefox seems to be able to process the iCloud address password reset token.

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Zobrazujú sa 4 príspevky - 1 až 4 (z celkového počtu 4)
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