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    Amanda French

    Present: Amanda French, Jeff McClurken (former Council member), Patrick Murray-John, Tim Sherratt, Kathryn Tomasek, Micah Vandegrift
    Absent: Frédéric Clavert, Tom Scheinfeldt (former Council member)

    Patrick and Amanda gave a general introduction to the Council, including its mission, responsibilities, and logistics. Last year the major accomplishments of the Council were writing and adopting an anti-harassment policy and moving the THATCamp website to Reclaim Hosting.

    Amanda was elected the new Chair of the Council. Patrick will remain the RRCHNM representative.

    Amanda reported on a piece of old business, namely the Proceedings of THATCamp. We need to incorporate it more into THATCamp subsites and write documentation about how it works to encourage use of the Favorite button that feeds the Proceedings and to increase awareness of the site: Amanda will undertake (again) to do that. Micah will follow up with the person who’s interested in co-editing a manually curated issue of the Proceedings and report back at the next meeting.

    Tim reported on last November’s THATCamp Canberra: had 60-80 people and was generally successful. Digital humanities is much more organized and formal than it used to be, which has changed the nature of THATCamps to some extent. Amanda reported on THATCamp Virginia and THATCamp CAA. Patrick reported on plans for THATCamp Prime (RRCHNM), which will be focused on attracting intermediate advanced practitioners of digital humanities. This might raise issues of exclusivity and elitism, but the Council has no strong objection at this time, especially if participants self-identify their level of expertise.

    The next meeting of the Council will be Monday, August 10th, at 8am Eastern US time, 10pm Canberra time, and 1pm Paris time.

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