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    Amanda French

    In my last act as THATCamp Council Chair, I’m posting a draft agenda here for the next THATCamp Council meeting, which is scheduled for 3pm EST on Monday, June 16th.

    * Who should respond to journalistic queries about THATCamp? Do we have a communications strategy?
    * Update on new help document on funding begun at last meeting
    * Update on Code of Conduct

    Other business?

    Amanda French

    We should also talk about the care and feeding and future of the Proceedings of THATCamp at

    Patrick Murray-John

    Also to talk about:

    * Getting domain
    * General THATCamp merch on, e.g., cafepress (suggested by Kathryn Tomasek)
    “THATCamp Junkie” T-shirt, for example

    Amanda French

    Two more issues:

    1) Whether to keep the ‘’ list for THATCamp organizers. It doesn’t get much traffic, and what little traffic it does get I’d like to see move to the Forums instead. Also, it has to be updated manually with the email addresses of new THATCamp organizers, which is a pain for someone (I don’t want to do it), though maybe a student worker at RRCHNM could take it on? And the address is too easily confused with">, which is the list for the THATCamp Council.

    2) Site performance for The site is maddeningly slow and has been for a long time. Apparently it’s something to do with finding the right Apache settings for the new server. I admit there are probably too many third-party plugins and so on, but the dev site has all the same ones and works fine. Ammon Shepherd was working on it and said he had almost had it, but now he’s taken a new position. Hope it can be made a priority for the new RRCHNM sysadmin and that s/he can figure it out.

    Patrick Murray-John

    I’ll be meeting with Ammon before he leaves to go over this, and lots of other care and feeding of questions.


    Concerning the list, it seems to me that it’s fine to replace it fully by the forum. But in that cas, the forum should be a direct entry in the main navigation bar, to be easy to find.

    Patrick Murray-John

    Here’s what it looks like to June 16 meeting:

    * Code of Conduct status
    * Communication Strategy?
    ** Contact person
    ** Press page? Questions page?
    * Proceedings
    * Move counselors to forums?
    * domain
    * THATCamp Merch?

    * Leftovers?
    ** Change to charter and community announcement
    ** Help page

    Amanda French
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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