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BA Linguistics, UT Austin, MA TESOL, UT Arlington, AOS Food & Hospitality, El Centro College, Dallas. Background in teaching, both English/ESL and Culinary Arts. Unoriginally, I find Carr both irritating and provocative, especially in his arguments about the effect of the ether-world on our cognitive abilities - that they will allow us to "... disengage our [cognitive] systems for initiating actions." This implies disabling of the systems, where I would argue that they will be otherwise reengaged by challenges that are not clear to us today ... as the effects of the Internet were not widely clear to us 25 or so years ago. Unfortunately, I have not been bitten by the Galaga bug ... yet. However, true to personal bias, I initially read it as "Galanga", which is a rhizome with a camphorous aroma and sharp, slightly bitter, medicinal taste that is ubiquitous in Thai and Southeast Asian cooking. It is a member of the Zingberaceae, and a cousin of ginger, cardamom, and tumeric. Now I don't feel so bad about bombing out on Galaga!!!!

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Position/Job Title:Adjunct Instructor in ESL, UT Arlington and TCC
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