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    I am leaving Carroll University and no one wants to lead our 2014 THATCampWisconsin scheduled for Aug 8, thus, we have to cancel it. That is the best way to delete/remove/hide the 2014 THATCamp?

    Terri Johnson

    Patrick Murray-John

    Sad to hear THATCampWisconsin won’t happen!

    When you log in to manage your site, under “Tools” among the tabs at the left, there should be an option to delete the site.


    Thank you! How could I not find that??? Geez. tj

    Kristen Lillvis

    Hello. I was in charge of two THATCamps, but I need to delete one. I see how to delete it, but the confirmation email I received says that my “current site and username” will be gone forever. Is this the name of my particular THATCamp or my personal username? Thank you.

    Amanda French

    Hi Kristen,

    So sorry for the delay in replying! I tested this to see if deleting a THATCamp also deletes the admin user. And the answer is no: it doesn’t. Your user account will still exist, and it will allow you to log in to the main THATCamp site here and to any other THATCamps you’re a member of. So, as you doubtless saw, you go to Tools –> Delete Site and then agree to delete the site permanently, after which it sends the site administrator (you) an email with that language about your site and being gone forever and a link to click. Feel free to click that link.

    I did get an error message after clicking the link, but it did nevertheless delete the site (and not the administrator’s user account). Let me know if you have any trouble and I can delete the site manually. I’ll see about maybe changing that language, too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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