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by Amanda French Categories: Administrative

Now that we’ve revised the THATCamp Council Charter and have worked out the election process, I want to encourage everyone who thinks they might be eligible, able, and willing to run for the THATCamp Council to do so. In the last ten days or so I’ve been calling for candidates on the THATCamp organizers email list, and we do already have several excellent candidates for the 4 open seats, but I’m well aware that not everyone who has helped organize a THATCamp is on that list. If you haven’t been following the THATCamp Council Charter revision process, here are the answers to some questions you might have about the Council.

Who is eligible to run for the THATCamp Council?

Anyone who has helped organize a THATCamp will be eligible to serve on the Council.

What are the responsibilities of THATCamp Council members?

  • Supporting THATCamp organizers, participants, and would-be participants, especially by
    • answering questions on the THATCamp forums
    • creating and revising help documents on
    • managing THATCamp social media accounts
    • attending and/or organizing THATCamps
  • Upholding core THATCamp values
  • Setting the long-term direction of the THATCamp project
  • Creating and revising community processes, policies, and governance documents
  • Resolving community conflicts

How long is the term?

Council terms (including the term of the Chair and the RRCHNM representative) are two years long, but members can hold an unlimited number of terms if they are reelected or reappointed.

How often will the Council meet?

The Council will meet at least three times per year for the purpose of discussing and (if necessary) voting on issues of interest to the THATCamp Community. In general, meetings can take place online, via conference call, or in person.

How do I run for the Council?

Write by Monday, 3/17 indicating that you’d like to run. Include a few lines about why you want to run for the THATCamp Council, perhaps also addressing why you think THATCamp is important and/or directions you’d like to see THATCamp go.

When will the election take place?

I’d like to open the week-long voting period by the end of the day on Monday, 3/17. I’ll post your reasons for running that day along with a link to your THATCamp profile, available from our People page at The election process is described more fully in the THATCamp Council Charter.

Please see the THATCamp Council Charter if you have more questions, or of course write me (THATCamp Council Chair pro tem) at .

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    Might be worth noting under the “How long is the term” section that, according to the charter, one person in addition to me, Amanda, and Tom will be asked to serve a 1 year term. So if people are hesitant about a 2 year commitment, for this first go-round one additional person will only be there for 1 year. To my knowledge, how we choose that one additional person will be figured out at the first meeting among us. Thus, and 1-year volunteers might make the Council’s first decision easier!

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