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SHORT BIO: Michael J. Kramer (Ph.D. University of North Carolina, 2006) is a lecturer in History and American Studies and an Undergraduate Academic Adviser in Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. He specializes in twentieth-century United States cultural and intellectual history, and has taught at Loyola University, Lake Forest College, and George Mason University, where he was the 2006-2007 J.N.G. Finley Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Art History. His current project, The Republic of Rock: Music and Citizenship in the Sixties Counterculture, San Francisco-Vietnam, 1965-1975 (forthcoming, Oxford University Press), examines how rock music generated countercultural engagements with citizenship and public life in two crucial locales, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Vietnam War zone. Future research continues his focus in the intersection of the arts, citizenship, and public life: a biography of the writer and social critic Paul Goodman, a cultural history of the 1976 American bicentennial celebration, and a study of the history of arts criticism in the United States. He is also interested in digital history; as part of a book project about the Berkeley Folk Music Festival, he is working with students, librarians, and technologists to develop an interactive, multi-authored, multimodal platform for the archival study of American vernacular music. He maintains a blog about digital history at www.issuesindigitalhistory.net and a blog of cultural criticism at www.culturerover.com. And I prefer the sometimes suspicious depths of Zizek to the shallows of Carr.

Twitter: @dighist
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