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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the school of information studies at Syracuse University. I earned my B.A. in accounting from Morehouse College in 2004. Before starting graduate school, I worked in the financial services industry as a compensation analytics officer. I consider myself a disability researcher who happens to have a disability. My research interests stem from my personal, professional, and academic experiences figuring out alternative more accessible ways to do things for myself despite my cerebral palsy-related functional limitations. There are many individuals with disabilities like me who naturally adapt when faced with opportunities or challenges. However, our efforts often get overlooked or minimized within the accessible design community. I enjoy learning about different ways people with and without disabilities find new or unique ways to do things. I think it highlights how creative we are as human beings. However, I believe it is important to see and acknowledge that non-disabled bodies are not the only ones that engage in adaptive activities.

Position/Job Title:Graduate student
Organization:Syracuse University
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