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I have worked here at Arizona State University since 1996 and in the University Registrar Technology Services section as a systems analyst since 2007. I graduated summer of 2013 with my undergraduate degree in Integrated Studies. This specialized program allows advanced students to develop their own degree plan. My plan focus was, “Researching, Analyzing and Editing Historical Source Documents” and my primary project involved learning how to research, analyze and edit the memoir of Robert Lindneux who was an American Western Artist, (and who was also my great-grandfather.) I hope to eventually publish this memoir. I am continuing to work on the Lindneux memoir project with my research partner, Jackie Millard, (who is also my mom and the person who got me involved in this project in the first palce.) In spring of 2014 I started attending various workshops offered by the ASU Institute of Humanities Research Nexus Lab for Digital Humanities and Transdisciplinary Informatics, learning about various content management, text mining and data visualization tools. I am hopeful that these tools will help us manage, research and analyze our large archive that includes not only Lindneux’s memoir but also correspondence, photographs, and many other personal documents. PS My profile photo is a picture of myself and my research partner Jackie in front of the Woolarco Museum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on one of our Lindneux research trips.

Position/Job Title:System Analyst
Organization:Arizona State University
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