URL, not site title is showing on main thatCamp page- change?

ホーム フォーラム 技術的な問題 URL, not site title is showing on main thatCamp page- change?

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    Lisa Haitz

    Our listing on the main page is showing as :

    シンシナティ, オハイオ州, 米国

    We would like it to be:
    シンシナティのTHATCamp大学 2016

    I changed the title in our WordPress instance, but I fear I entered it wrong when creating the site. Can this be changed?


    Lisa Haitz

    I think maybe the site name needs to be changed in admin… 誰でも?


    Dear Lisa,
    on your side, everything’s fine, as you suggested. The homepage is automatically generated. I suppose that there is a cache issue. I’ll see this with members of the THATCamp council.


    Hi Lisa and Frédéric,

    I fixed this — it now says “THATCamp U Cincinnati 2016.” Let me know if that’s the correct title.

    Technical explanation: the way we have the THATCamp site set up, it runs both WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress. Multisite is the functionality that allows everyone to have their own separate site on the thatcamp.org domain, while BuddyPress is organized around the concept of “groups.” ブーン峡, our developer, made it so that BuddyPress “グループ” are mapped onto Multisite “Sites,” and it’s the BuddyPress Group names that show up in the list on the main page. That means that editing the site title after you’ve submitted the initial THATCamp Registration page (which creates the Groups) doesn’t change what’s on the home page.

    Only THATCamp network administrators (すなわち, the THATCamp Council) can edit Group names by going to Network Admin –> Groups.

    Thanks for taking a look, フレデリック!

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    Lisa Haitz

    Thanks for your assistance! Can it be University of Cincinnati instead of U of Cincinnati ? If that’s too long , maybe abbreviate to Univ.

    Sorry to be a pain!!

    We use WordPress Networks here as well, if you ever need another person !

    Thanks again!


    No worries — done!


    Lisa Haitz

    Excellent – thanks for the fast work!


    Kristen Lillvis

    I changed the THATCamp Ohio 2018 on my end to have a date of April 27, 2018, but it isn’t showing up on the THATCamp homepage. Would someone please help me update the date?


    Kristen Lillvis

    Either the cache cleared or someone fixed it. ありがとう!


    Hi Kristen — はい, I cleared the cache and it updated. Have a good THATCamp!



    Kristen Lillvis


    I need to change a date for THATCamp Ohio 2018, and while I was able to so before, I can’t figure out how at this time (and to make the date change appear on the main THATCamp page). Our date is now Sept. 22, 2018. 助ける, してください? ありがとう!



    Hi Kristen, that option is in the Dashboard in THATCamp Setup. I changed it for you, and it’s reflected on the home page. If you still see the old date, that might be a caching issue — do a hard reload of the page and you should see the correct date.


    Kristen Lillvis

    ありがとう, アマンダ!

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