send email to all users?

ホーム フォーラム 技術的な問題 send email to all users?

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    Lisa Haitz

    Is this possible? I see the settings for email users, but not how to actually do it.We want to send an update. 感謝!


    はい, 確かに. If you’re an administrator and log in to your site, you should see an option called “Email Users” in the sidebar, a couple of options below Settings. Click that, and you’ll have the option to email a group. See screenshot at


    I should add that you can also choose Users –> Export to CSV and get a spreadsheet of all user information, including their email addresses. From there you could put the addresses into an email program, though I’ve found it’s best to do it in batches of 30 or so.


    Lisa Haitz

    よく- your screen shot shows what I thought we should see. But we dont have that link as indicated on the screenshot.

    We do have the Settings>Email USers setup however.


    That’s weird, Lisa — that plugin should be activated on all the sites by default, and since you have the settings, sounds like it is actually activated. Let me check into it.


    I suspect there might be a plugin conflict or a server setting that is preventing you from accessing that feature, Lisa. It might take me awhile to resolve, if at all. Meanwhile, my test user (which is an admin on the like you) DOES have the Users –> Export to CSV option, so I’ll ask you to use that for now. If I get the Email Users plugin thing resolved I’ll let you know.

    再び, see screenshot:


    Lisa Haitz

    thanks for assistance!


    Looks like I fixed it through the classic method: turning it off and turning it back on again. 🙂 You should have the Email Users option now, Lisa. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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