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ホーム フォーラム 技術的な問題 Cannot Add New Users

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    I’m wanting to add three site administrators to in order to design and organize the site in advance of taking registrations. When I click on the “Add New User” タブ, it actually takes me to a page that says “Add Existing User.” I was able to add two of the three team members who I know had attended a THATCamp before by entering their email address and then clicking “Add Existing User.” But when I try to create a administrative user profile for a person who has not been to or registered for a THATCamp before, I type in their email address and get a “The requested user does not exist.” notice.

    How do I go about manually adding users to a THATCamp site before registration has been opened?



    That page does say “Add Existing User” at the top, Chris, but if you scroll down a bit you’ll see that the next section is entitled “Add New User.” That will allow you to add someone with just an email address and a username that you invent for them. Unless there’s something else weird going on! Let me know if so.

    Add New User


    Whoops, I spoke too soon — the screen is *supposed* to look like that, Chris, and does for me because I’m a Super Admin, but some of the settings on have changed, possibly because of some recent security updates. I haven’t been able to change them back manually and have contacted the new RRCHNM sysadmin to see what’s up.

    Meanwhile, if you send me the emails of the people you need added at amanda at amandafrench dot net, I’ll add them to your site manually.


    感謝, アマンダ. THATCamp got in touch too and fixed the issue. I can now see both add existing and new users. So I’m all set!

    Thanks again.

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