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    Stewart Varner

    Hi everyone and thanks if advance for reading this.

    I’m on a team organizing a THATCamp that will happen on March 21. I’ve been trying to build the website for the past week but everything is moving so slowly. I’m a little nervous about launching it because I’m afraid it will frustrate people trying to sign up.

    I spoke to someone earlier this week who said people were working on this so I’m wondering if things are closer to being back to normal.



    Patrick Murray-John

    On one hand, we’ve done some mitigation on the number of requests hitting the server. There was quite a spike earlier in the week.

    However, ‘normal’ is relative here, and we know that normal is often not especially fast.

    We’re looking into the possibilities of moving to a different server, and whether that will likely work.


    Stewart Varner

    Thanks, Patrick. Definitely keep me posted.



    Hi THATCamp team,

    Like Stuart, I am noticing that performance of our THATCamp website is painfully slow, and I share his concerns about whether it will deter potential attendees.

    Is there anything that could be done in the near-ish term to improve performance?

    Many thanks,


    Amanda French

    Hi Chelcie,

    Thanks for this report! You’re right, the site was slow yesterday. I see you’ve been corresponding on Twitter about it with @reclaimhosting, as we have, and they’re tweaking things. For future readers of this post, see and associated conversations.

    FYI, although the site is running MUCH better these days than it was before we moved to Reclaim, we do still have periodic issues, often due to the fact that it’s a great big network with 250+ sites and 9000+ users. But at least they’re not the SAME issues! If you’re interested, see this account of the history of THATCamp website issues over on the THATCamp Council forum at . Might write a blog post soon about it, as well.

    Do feel free to keep talking to @thatcamp and @reclaimhosting on Twitter, but of course you can also post here if you like.




    Many thanks, Amanda and the whole team, for continually working on the maintenance & governance of!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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