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    Patrick Murray-John

    ‘Nuff said…Veteran THATCampers tend to expect questions here. Am I dressed right? How do I talk to people?

    These are legit questions! Get the sense from others, both new and experienced!

    Jon Clucas

    How should first-time THATCampers dress?

    Patrick Murray-John

    However you feel comfortable! Sandals, shorts, and tshirt, jacket and tie, whatever puts you in the mood to have good conversations. I haven’t seen a tuxedo or prom dress yet, but hey, why not?!

    Pants are generally recommended, as gender/identification appropriate.

    You can also see this THATCamp flickr pool to see what has happened in the past to get a sense for it.

    Amanda French

    At early THATCamps, t-shirts and shorts were the norm. I will say that I’ve been to other THATCamps where people were dressed more formally, in what I think of as “Education Business” (cardigans, comfy but stylish shoes, etc.). That’s especially the case at THATCamps that happen in conjunction with another event. So, these days: it depends! But I’d err on the side of casual if I were you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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