Registrations going missing

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    Trent Hergenrader

    Our camp is this Friday and i’m just now learning that many registrations have gone missing. When I heard about the first couple I figured it was user error, but now I’ve have about 10 people indicate that they filled out the form on the Register page but for some reason it didn’t go through to the THATCamp registration database.

    Any idea why? It’s a bit late to do anything now, but I’m getting nervous that we’re not going to have enough food…


    Yikes, that’s no good. Let me take a look at the actual database and see if there are any records there — can you give me a name or two of people it’s happened to? You can send them to grdie.p1521351860macta1521351860ht@ri1521351860ahc1521351860 if you don’t want to post them publicly.


    In fact the more info you can tell me about it, the better I can troubleshoot, so do please forward emails from whoever you have reporting that issue to heilen.p1521351860macvon1521351860ht@ri1521351860ahc1521351860. Sorry für die Mühe!!


    Trent Hergenrader

    Dank! Just shot you an email with names.


    Kristen Lillvis

    I have had this same problem this week and last–several people have said they registered but the registrations aren’t going through.


    Hallo Kristen,,en,Ich machte den Cache und aktualisiert,,en,Haben Sie ein gutes Thatcamp,,en,Entweder wird der Cache gelöscht oder jemand es behoben,,en,Ich habe das Thatcamp Ohio,,en,an meinem Ende ein Datum April haben,,en,aber es zeigt nicht auf dem Spielthatcamp Homepage,,en,Würde jemand bitte helfen Sie mir das Datum aktualisieren,,en,Thema Ankündigung,,en,Kartographie und GIS,,en,Wie wir damit beginnen, die Details unserer Planung,,en,das Organisationskomitee hat beschlossen, die Gespräche zu konzentrieren, indem ein bestimmtes Thema wählen, die wir glauben, von großen Interesse für eine große Vielfalt wird von,,en, this is for THATCamp Marshall 2018 bei, richtig? Not THATCamp Ohio 2018 in September?

    You’ve got 29 approved registrations on THATCamp Marshall 2018, and they’ve all got active user accounts, so everything looks normal. When you say they „didn’t go through,“ do you mean that the registrant didn’t get their activation email? Emails from WordPress do often go to spam, so that could be what’s happening — you can ask your registrants to check their spam folder or (which is easier) just reset their password by clicking on the „Anmelden“ link on your site at and clicking „Lost your password?“ They will need to enter the same email address they used to register for the site.

    If on the other hand people are saying they can’t *finish* the registration process, that would be more worrying. Can you take a look at your registrant or user list and let me know if there’s a person who should be on it but isn’t? A name is sufficient. That would help me to figure out what exactly is happening.


    By the way, regarding the issue that began this thread, I looked through my email and it looks like we never figured out what was going on there. But do note that although it’s not a perfect solution you can add users to your site manually — see instructions near the bottom of the Help page underneath „Other means of registration.“ They won’t show up in the Registration list, but they will have access to the site and will show up on the Campers page.


    Kristen Lillvis

    Dank, Amanda. We figured out that it might be a browser issue (IE)? I appreciate your help!

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