Glossary of Digital Humanities

by Rebecca Onion Categories: Collaboration, Session Notes

THATCamp Liberal Arts Colleges 2012 just wrapped up at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. One of many GoogleDocs to emerge from the gathering was a Glossary of Digital Humanities—intended as a primer for newbies to DH, who might find themselves nodding and smiling in a THATCamp session, all the while furiously googling acronyms.

We had fun coming up with definitions for terms from “ARIS” to “Unconference,” and hope that others will leap into the breach to add a term you’ve always found mystifying, to define a term that’s currently un- or underdefined, or to correct any mistakes you might see.

  1. All finished! Thanks for the comment – very considered, and pushing me too to think about all of this more. Because me, I come from it from having known violent young men, and what that means. A job like Lorna Rhodes on Excellent Max best parts how different elements – violence, mental illness, suffering, institutional life, social forms – come together. Nonetheless in the media, I do think there is the tendency to try to find the simple storyline, and that unfortunately serves to explain away too much, both with savagery and mental health.

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